Legal Counsel to the Contractors Registration & Licensing Board

Attorney General Kilmartin’s Office provides legal counsel to the Contractors’ Registration and Licensing Board (CRLB). The CRLB regulates the construction industry through registration requirements and conducts administrative hearings for individuals aggrieved by residential contractors. As legal counsel to the Board, the Office enables residential homeowners to avail themselves of the dispute-resolution process at the CRLB in lieu of pursuing a private action in court.

When a contractor fails to pay restitution to a homeowner as ordered by the CRLB, the Office of Attorney General plays an active role in enforcing compliance to ensure that homeowners have some measure of recourse. Through a cooperative partnership between our department’s Civil and Criminal Divisions, unscrupulous contractors can be criminally prosecuted in District Court. This process has a proven record of restoring money owed to homeowners and of keeping bad contractors from repeating their offenses.

If you would like to file a claim against a contractor, click here to contact the Contractors' Registration and Licensing Board.