Office of the Health Care Advocate

The Office of Health Care Advocate advocates for Rhode Islanders through the following duties that the Attorney General may direct: to appear as an amicus curiae in civil actions, to intervene in or request initiation of administrative action related to health care and health insurance, to investigate complaints to assure the delivery of quality health care, to educate the public, to engage in legislative advocacy, to initiate formal legal actions concerning health care and to advocate for changes to support quality and affordable health care. Many patients, family members and providers turn to the Office of Health Care Advocate for assistance.

The Health Care Advocate is appointed to or attends several health care-related boards and committees, and reviews proposed regulations and legislation. The Health Care Advocate also assists consumers with various issues, including access to medical records, privacy questions and assistance with navigating the various agencies governing health care complaints.

To contact the Office of the Health Care Advocate please call (401) 274-4400.

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