Public Utilities Regulatory Unit

The Public Utilities Regulatory Unit represents ratepayers and citizens of the State of Rhode Island in all matters affecting the provision of public utility services as defined by R.I.G.L. §39-1-5. Such services include municipal and investor-owned utilities that provide one or more of the following utility services to Rhode Island consumers: electric, gas, water, telephone, sewer and cable; as well as all common carriers: taxis, towers, movers and limousines operating in the state.

The primary role of the Unit is to serve as legal counsel to the Division of Public Utilities and Carriers (the “Division”) in proceedings before the Public Utilities Commission. In this capacity, the Unit provides legal counsel to the Division with the principal aim of protecting ratepayers from public utilities’ efforts to charge unreasonable rates or engage in unreasonable practices. The Unit represents the Division before all state and federal trial and appellate courts of competent jurisdiction.